Which size do i need?

It is never easy to shop online, because you can’t try it on. If the style has a loose or tight fit, it will appear on the product description. You can always contact us via mail & phone, and we will guide you to find the right size for you.


How long is delivery?

Delivery for countries outside of Denmark will normally be 5-10 business days.

Can I return my order?

By Stine Winther

Østre Alle 102

9000 Aalborg


You will have to pay for the return costs.


How to take care of your jewelry

It’s important to take care of your new jewelry to make sure it will last as long as possible. Here is some of our tips on how to look after your jewelry: 

  • Always take off your jewelry before you shower, wash your hands, play sports etc. 
  • Take off your jewelry before bed 
  • Avoid lotion and perfume on your jewelry 
  • Avoid exposing your jewelry to direct sunlight for at longer period of time – When your jewelry is not in use, store them in a box away from sunlight. 

How do I find my ring size?

In order to find your ring size you need a thin piece of paper and a ruler. Take paper strip and wrap it around the finger you wish to measure. Wrap it around two times, and make a line with a pen in both piece of paper. Measure the length between the two lines. If i measures 52 mm, your ring size is 52 and so on. If you want to be absolutely sure of your size, you can get your ring size measured by most goldsmiths.